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Date Listed : July-2-2020

Company Name : Waseem Glass

Website Url : www.waseemglass.com

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We are the best in structural glass in all its departments. 18 years experience in glass, aluminum, and folding glass doors.
Securit Glass or Limestone Glass Glass projects require contractors who are quick to implement and adhere to the safety specifications of securit glass and delivery time.

Display of securit glass changes according to thickness and area, for example, securit glass panels are divided according to specifications and project areas. All prices for securit glass will be mentioned in Saudi Arabia (approximate)

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries most used for securit glass of all kinds, securit glass in buildings and shrubs, securit glass, and securit office partitions. Securit Glass contributes to insurance for banks and military missions, as we specialize in implementing bulletproof glass according to the latest international military standards. And also the installation of all kinds of glass with modern modern shower cabins and also the price of customizing the cabins according to the available space

New glass world … Securit glass doors are foldable in all sizes and the doors are made according to the available sizes


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