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Online Ad Spaces(OAS) Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: March 7th 2017

The terms of service listed below are applicable to www.OnlineAdSpaces.com and the OnlineAdspaces mobile application. These policies are a set of guidelines that individual users and companies must follow in order to remain in good standing for using the OnlineAdSpaces features. By reading the Terms & Conditions, you are agreeing with our mandate.

To use the services provided by our company, you will need to register for an account which will require your email, a password that you have chosen, and an optional username. It is your duty to keep these pieces of information confidential and under your supervision. We do offer the ability for you to make an account using third party services such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. This means that you are complying with not only our terms, but the third party terms as well.

Privacy and security is a priority with OAS and therefore we do not solicit information to other sources. By using our website, you have affirmed that you are 18 years of age or older and are completely competent when reading and agreeing on the Terms & Conditions.

With regards to using the website, all users of OnlineAdSpaces(Buyers & Sellers) are solely responsible for posts that are linked to their own accounts. This includes website links, pictures, phone number and any details pertaining to the ad posted. The account owner is to deal directly with any interested parties, OnlineAdSpaces takes no part in any deals made. All advertisements posted will be either approved or denied between 24 to 48 hours after being uploaded to the main OnlineAdSpace website. OnlineAdSpaces takes no responsibility in any transactions that occur from advertisements posted by users. Ads that are not compliant, or violate publishing rules (copy infringement, unlawful content, spam, etc.) will be removed as seen fit. If a deal has been reached, it is the user’s responsibility to remove the ad they have posted. By uploading and posting content, you are granting OnlineAdSpaces a non-exclusive worldwide right to display the intellectual property shown.

All content listed above, including website layout and mobile application design, has been copyrighted and patented © 2017 OnlineAdSpaces.com. All rights reserved.

If you do not agree with the Terms of Service, do not register or use this Service.