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Date Listed : November-5-2018

Company Name : Sure Trendz

Website Url : www.sure-trendz.myshopify.com

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Category : Beauty & Fashion, Community, Electronics,


Come join the family, find us on Facebook. Here’s a description of our company:

The Sure Trendz Journey begun when myself Aaron Cracknell – The founder of Sure Trendz wanted to have an online store which provided an extensive catalogue of different trending items, as well as useful and/ or quirky gadgets and much more- But with a twist!.

We are Based In the UK – Manchester and pride ourselves that we live in a city of style. This is a family run company and we also want you to become apart of that family. We always have your best interests at heart and just as importantly we like to hear your voice! what you think matters to us!.

With Sure Trendz you can get as involved as you want. Whether you choose to be just a regular customer looking for that special something. Or.. why not get more involved in the voting process to choose the next trending products in Store. The Possibilities for this is endless! Their is almost no wrong suggestion!

The Vision – quite simply put,was to be able to provide all, a new go too place for trending Products chosen by the people for the people This will give you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! yes full customer inclusion with developing our catalogue and categories based on your trending wants and needs. For us to not only find and stock the things you want, but then your valued opinion could also be setting Trendz all across the globe.

We of course will also continue to upload things too!

I respect we are all experts in our own right. And I value you and any opinions you may have. I want a modern store for us all to share, which is to be able to grow with us all, and our ever changing needs.

As time elapses we will, together choose and suggest items which will become the main hub of setting a True and Sure Trend. After all its us as a joint community and family that has the overall say and approval on any Trendz going right?

My mission is ironically clear, I aim to provide a transparent and honest service to all. I want to work hard to ensure everyone’s needs are met. (Although please remember as much as I’d like to be I’m not a super hero …. yet.)

At the moment I am just one person you may be thinking, but that’s where Id like to remind you that your apart of this too.

Any suggestions will be carefully considered and reviewed before adding items.

Most of these may just end up on the panel to get voted for. One way or another we will do our best to put forward as many suggestions as possible.

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