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Date Listed : October-29-2019


Website Url : www.stockmarketcollege.co.za

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Social Media : www.facebook.com/StockMarketCollege/

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Category : Business & Finance, Currency, Education,


Stock Market College renders a service to clients, providing knowledge of the national and international economies, combined with knowledge on how to trade in financial markets. We educate, not only to uplift communities, but also to increase the participation and understanding of a growing economy.

Stock Market College’s mission is to provide quality, learning opportunities to all candidates wanting to educate themselves in the Stock Market. The aim is to produce independent students able to play a creative role in their community as well as in broader society. The teaching and learning is aimed at producing competent, knowledgeable and skilled students able to be economically active and to contribute to the workforce of the country, either through gainful employment or self-employment. This is achieved through an appropriate mix of theory and practice to ensure the application of theoretical concepts. It provides learning and job opportunity in a niche environment.

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