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Date Listed : April-7-2020

Company Name : Tea Flower Leisure

Website Url : teaflower.business.site

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Tea Flower Leisure is where you can take full advantage of numerous amenities and services that are guaranteed to make your stay a memorable one. From guest services to tour deals, we seek to provide you a remarkable stay, tailor-made where you could stroller around our pictures ever-green Tea Property. Many added free benefits comes alongside with a range of selective offerings… Explore our site, see what we have to offer, and don?t hesitate to reach out with questions.

RENT A FULLY FURNISHED SELF CATERING COTTAGE;??sufficient for four occupants, (*more) fully furnished with two queen size beds, comfortable air-flow spring mattresses, fabric wedded upholstery. Dinning facilities with a fully equipped kitchen, four burner gas Stove/oven, Microwave Oven, Refrigerator, electric appliances, crockery, pottery, cutlery, utensils, BBQ grill with wood charcoal.

EXPLORE OUR CAMPSITE;??You can rent a Campsite for 2/4 or a fully geared family Camp Site Suit, a Tent for 6+ occupants, pitched in the Tea Garden or indoors.?

Absolutely there’s no hidden costs… do you have (*more) 4+ occupants? then you don’t have to worry about it, have a impeccable stay with us. It will be great fun for kids and for adult, pitch a Camping Tent indoor or outdoor, have an exciting romantic adventures sleeping experience; it’s great fun! Set up a bonfire, have a great outing, lush your stay with us, you have the freedom, we enhance activity that will refreshe, stimulate and energise your health and spirits through enjoyment and relaxation. We guarantee you?ll have a pleasant experience here.

Once you step into our property, you won’t feel dumped.? Many activities to keep you going; encircling: Tea Tourism, Camping , Adventure – terrestrial nature’s walk…? Hiking & Tracking the rock fortress.

Seek our?free tour guide?to?TEA TOURISM,?explore how tea is propagated, Nursery & Field tours, observe how women hand-pick tea leaves in the field; if you are curious about, don’t hesitate, just join them, experience the technique of harvesting the tea buts. Visit to the Tea Factory is a must, gain a first hand experience how the harvest reach the Factory and the process of tea manufacturing… relax at the Factory premise with a fresh brew of tea beverage, while you could still experience a vast variety of flavoured teas.

Many added exhilarating benefits come alongside when you make you’re choice to stay with us… you begin to experience an adventurous tour in awe of an atmospheric surrounding.? Take full advantage of our?free tracker/guide, go on a terrestrial foliage nature?s walk, explore ravishing scenic landscape, learn about species, herbs and berries naturally grow in the wilderness, and gain it’s benifit…

Trekking the mountain range with our?free tracker/guide?is one most spectacular activity you must try doing here; reach the rock fortress, rises to an elevation approximately 5000 feet above sea level, and some 700 feet above the surrounding plain sight,? witness an impressive birds eye view and life beyond its edges… We guarantee you take back memories to linger a lifetime.?

intersecting to a cool and calm evergreen valley, ideal getaway from your daily grinds, hassle & tussle city lifestyle. Ironically having your battery recharged here is all that you need; you’ll enjoy every breath of fresh air, true nature, an atmospheric surrounding, will make your stay appealing.

Aesthetically, Tea Flower Leisure makes it affordable to a budget traveller “lower-cost/lower-pricing”. To make it more fascinating, we add a?complimentary “Welcome Pack” of some essential provisions, so you could kick back and relax.?

Its one heck of a place worth visiting!

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