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Date Listed : November-12-2019

Company Name : Scentsy

Website Url : tishbrown.scentsy.us

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Category : Adult, Art & Design, Beauty & Fashion, Home, Other,


My scentsy story; I am a stay at home mom with four beautiful kids they are all girls. I joined scentsy to make extra cash and be able to stay home with them. I thought you needed friends and family to make it with this company but that’s not the case. You have to put yourself out there and get recognized not just through social media. It’s been a blast meeting new people and talking about products that I love. This is like any other job you have to put time and energy into it to succeed. I’m wanting to go big with this company it’s been more of a hobby right now if you are reading this and want a full time business or part time or even just a hobby you can join my team.

Letisha Brown
Escential Consultant

contact: https://tishbrown.scentsy.us/consultant/contact


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