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Date Listed : July-2-2019

Company Name : Sawnexus

Website Url : www.sawnexus.com

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Social Media : www.facebook.com/sawnexus/

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Category : Adult, Technology,


Sawnexus is a unique dynamic and goal oriented platform. Our goal can be fully achieved if we work collectively as a team. Not only do we empower your life, we work with you and through you we empower others.

Our objective is to enrich the lives of people through creating wealth and improving communities. We want to sustain a digital platform of abundance that will empower people with financial freedom and entrepreneur skills and training.

We want to be one of the most embraced platform of the best digital business with a purpose to bring change in our people’s well-being. We want to raise and connect for the change of a better community and a society of entrepreneurs using innovative technology to create and sustain wealth.

find us on +25675610002 Uganda and Kenya

Kampala, Uganda
Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: (256) 702 513 478
Email: info@sawnexus.com

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