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Date Listed : July-2-2019

Company Name : Shathabdhi Township Pvt. Ltd.

Website Url : www.shathabdhitownships.com/in

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Social Media : www.facebook.com/Shathabdhitownships

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Shathabdhi is one of the largest diversified real estate companies with decade-long experience in Real Estate Sector, with the best team of real estate development professionals, Shathabdhi has been sincerely living up to the expectations of the buyers.

With having completed six projects in Shamshabad and Kothur areas. Shathabdhi Township has grown to No’1 position dealing with only government approved plots like HMDA, DTC with Commitment, Quality & Timely execution has been the hole mark of Shathabdhi and due to which today grown up with 500 marketing professionals.

Our projects provide for finer experiences that meet the rising aspirations of this emerging nation and also act as benchmarks in improving the quality of life. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. The spaces we build, articulate our idea of a city designed to strike a fine balance between its structures and the communities that foster in them.

Basically we identify large piece of lands in the out skirts of the city after ensoling title and land genuinity. We seek permission from authorities like GHMC for layouts of rules etc.

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