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Date Listed : December-30-2019

Company Name : Dynamic beneficial Accord mkt Pvt LTD

Website Url : ds.asort.com

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Social Media : www.instagram.com/asortworld/

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Creating Fashionable Business Opportunity For Young India
Ds.asort is the first fashion direct selling company in India. As DS.ASORT we take pride in encouraging millions of dreams by fulfilling their aspiration to be an entrepreneur. We are impacting over 7 Lakhs+ lives while fuelling their entrepreneurship spirit. We are promoting our Independent Business Owners to enhance their business skills. Our team of expert’s, deliver best training sessions to help and nourish the young talent.

Our 7 lifestyle homegrown brands- Ifazone, Mr. Huffman, Earthy Scent, Solasta, Kuefit, ABG and Amiiga have their own unique identity, offering the best quality lifestyle products. Ds.asort making a community of happy customers while providing the best lifestyle products for day to day life. We launch fashionable and comfortable fashion products every week because we believe that fashion and comfort complement each other.

Every dream matters and we believe them and also encourage them to be your own boss.

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