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Date Listed : July-7-2019

Company Name : Aadityaestate

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Sandal is God’s and pious wood piece… in all Philosophical, Traditional, Majestic in global use…
Sandal of Red and White are two spices generally found in far of the forests in Peculiar environment in or around the world… Out of which our Andhra Pradesh recognize the best zone of growing spices particularly Visakhapatnam… The survey results great remarking yield the value unnegotiable… crores of value fetches Red and White sandal market… It is everybody fact that our State Government recently gets unbelievable value offered international Sandal business.

Now the Sandal world looks our state particularly VISAKHAPATNAM ZONE… this fact we catered and acquired large land and gathered forest scientists in Sandal field and put them in plantation all around the day until getting good yielding

The results spread for every aspirant… out of Sandal plantation and providing conceptual housing plots for future commercial houses for farm houses etc., even a common person out looked the peaceful ambitions realized out concept by way of joint efforts that designs projects and predicted for your valuable purchase of each and every part etc.,

The place allotted in each 150 sq. Yards containing 8 Red sandal wood plants and 8 Malabar wood plants 4 White sandal wood Plants
Farming guard and throughout round clock security.
Clear demarcation of each and every unit of 150 sq yards
The place better for enjoying tourism destinations like Araku valley(Andhra ooty),Borra Caves,Ananthagiri, Katiki water falls, Tyda Thatipudi Reservoir,Simanchalam and also CITYVISITINGS
35kms only from Visakhapatnam Air port.
Very near to the city inhabitants, 30 kms from NAD junction
Bliss atmosphere and free from pollution etc.
Marketing availability after yielding plant in between 12 to 15 years, yielding returns transparently surrender in 70:30 yielding share.
Project Amenties
Sri Ganapathi Temple
Drip Irrigation System
Fencing entire Project
Watch guard scientists for better grow
Club House
Yoga and Meditation
Swimming pool
Wooden Cottages
Birds Sanctuary etc.,

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