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Date Listed : July-7-2019

Company Name : Indihomejobs

Website Url : www.indihomejobs.com

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Indihomejobs was founded in 2006 to provide independent part time work online offline and market consulting advice to national clients.

Students, housewives, working person, retired person, unemployed and anyone who wants part time income, can join and start work.

Benefits of work-
✔ Work from home or your suitable place
✔ Work in your own suitable time
✔ Daily basis payout system
✔ Work from mobile or computer
✔ No experience required
✔ Dedicated customer support

35,000+ customer’s trust and they are satisfied with us.

We provide 8 types of Online-Offline part time jobs
1. Data Entry Jobs
2. Sms & Email sending jobs
3. Form filling jobs
4. Power Point Presentation jobs
5. Ad posting jobs
6. Content writing jobs
7. Captcha solving jobs
8. Survey jobs

How to work (Just simple steps)
Register here and Get your work. Complete and submit your work. Get your payment.
1. In Data entry job, for every page you will get Rs. 70/- to 160/- (depends upon page size).
2. In Sms and Email sending jobs, you will get Rs. 1/- to 3/- per sms and email (sms and email portal is free).
3. For every form, we will pay you Rs. 15/- to 30/- (depends upon form size).
4. You will get Rs. 500/- to 1200/- per presentation (depends upon presentation size).
5. In Ad posting jobs, You will get Rs. 8/- to 12/- per ad (depends upon sites and ad types).
6. For every content we pay Rs. 500/- to 1000/- (depends upon project).
7. You will get Rs. 500/- to solve 1000 Captchas.
8. For every full survey, you will get Rs. 20/- to 35/- (depends upon survey quality and length).

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