Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What is OAS?

OAS(OnlineAdSpaces) is a free to use platform based website that lets buyers and sellers of online ad spaces mingle. Please see our About Us section.

2) Is OAS really free?

Yes, OnlineAdSpaces is a 100% free service. Unlike our competitors that charge either a commission for completion, posting fee, or additional hidden costs, everything we have to offer is absolutely free.

3) How do I Buy/Sell online ad space on your website?

This can be done once you have registered for an account. We do not send you any sort of spam mail, this is just for login purposes. Once you have created an account and are logged in, you will click on the Post Ad button and simply complete the form with the appropriate boxes checked. Your Ad will be approved in 24-48 hours and then it will go live on our website and app. You are responsible for maintaining the ad, including taking it down whether a deal has been made or not.

4) Why did you make this website?

This website was created due to the lack of options that individuals and businesses have on the internet when it comes to monetization. There are major companies that want to advertise on your website, except they pay pennies on the dollar they receive from people paying them for advertising. As well, much of the pay per click advertising that you can  dd to your online website has no content control. The staff at OAS believes that individuals and companies should have more control over what is advertised on their website, along with better deal options.

5) What make OAS unique compared to the other online competitors?

OAS has three features that make it stand out from all competition:

– 100% Free Ad posting platform, all our competitors have some sort of sales or premium pay service

– We are the first company to offer buying/selling of ad space on all online platforms: Website/Blog/Social Media/App

– OAS not only has a website, but also a free app you can download on IOS or Android. This makes posting ads much easier and more convenient

6) What should I post on my ad?

If you are looking to Sell Online Ad Space, this is what we recommend:

Google Analytics (impressions), daily/monthly/ traffic, demographics of people going to your website, products/services you sell, numbers of followers through social media, type of advertiser(industry) you would like to work with, size of space offered (Banner, full page,etc.). If you have a social media channel, you can offer advertising photos, links, text, and so forth.

If you are looking to Buy Online Ad Space, this is what we recommend:

What your advertising, sales of product/service, minimum amount of traffic/impressions needed from a seller, size of advertisement you would like to place (Banner, Full Page, etc),Total amount you would be willing to pay for that advertisement($100 a month for example).