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Date Listed : March-18-2019

Company Name : Michael's Project

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Blog Url : issuu.com/platinumgazette/docs/platinum_gazette_18_january_2019

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Michael Thapelo Nyaka is proud to hold his newly published book,
‘Discovering how to live a purposeful life’ in his hands. Michael has been a full time employee of A1 Foods in Burgersfort since 2013 and says that he wrote the book on his cell phone during his lunch breaks. It took him approximately a year to complete it. “I was inspired to write the book after I watched YouTube video of Helen Keller. She was deaf-blind, but did not let it stop her from reaching her potential” he explains. “We don’t choose our family and we cannot choose whether they are rich or poor. When we grow up we start making choices on where we want to go with our life,” Mi-cheal says. “It is not important how long we live in this world, but it is important what we leave behind. Nobody was born because there was a shortage of people in the world. Every-one has a unique dream or vision that demands fulfillment without making excuses”. This is what he hopes to encourage readers to do through his book. The book aims to motivate, enlighten, cau-tion and build the reader while providing a new perspective on life. Michael feels that a relationship with God is crucial and it is reflected in the book. Taking more time to take care of your spiritual life than your physical life is important. The book also contains advice on how to learn to focus on your life while not competing with others as well as learn-ing to control your tongue. The book includes a section where the reader can reflect and even write down their own answers on questions they may face in life and what they hope to do with the guidance of the book. Michael gives thanks to his family and especially his mother for their support during his journey to write this book and grow as an indivual. He is already working on a follow-up for this first book and people interested in buying ‘Discovering how to live a purposeful life’ can order it from him. It will cost R160 per copy. To order your copy contact Michael on 079 1919 793

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