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Date Listed : February-18-2019

Company Name : Traffic Authority

Website Url : r2.trafficauthority.net/michaelhoward

Blog Url : michaelhowardws.wordpress.com

Social Media : www.facebook.com/MichaelHowardTrafficAuthority/

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Traffic Authority Is A Company That Generates Traffic To Your Websites/ Links Capture Pages.
Our host company Traffic Authority offers two types of amazing compensation in their coded compensation plan called Infinite Leverage. ?RESIDUAL? front-end compensation, which is your ongoing income we like to call ?Mailbox Money.? This is money that comes in month after month and builds on itself over time. We also have what we like to call ?BIG Ticket? back-end sales which we will explain here in just a moment. First, let?s discuss your RESIDUAL ongoing monthly commissions which come from the sale of two products called ?Traffic Optimizer? and ?Traffic Academy.? Both of these products are membership based. On Traffic Optimizer, you?re paid $10 a month on all active members for your first 6 personal referrals. This amount then jumps to $16 a month starting with your seventh personal referral of the Optimizer product. Then on the Traffic Academy product, you are paid $25 a month on your first 6 personal referrals which skyrockets to $40 a month from the 7th through infinity personal referrals.
front-end? part of the compensation plan works, let?s get to the truly exciting part! It?s time to talk about BIG PAYDAYS AKA Big-Ticket ?back-end? sales. I?m referring to the BIG money you make from the sale of traffic packages. Let me explain, you see, if you sell a BASIC traffic package, you will earn $50 on your first 6 sales which will then increase to $80 on all subsequent sales. When your system refers someone who buys the BRONZE traffic package you are paid $100 on your first 6 sales which is then increased to $160 for each referral after that. For the next traffic level called SILVER you are paid $ 150 per sale for your first 6 sales which then increases to $240 and it doesn?t stop there! Nope, far from it? you see this continues on with four other traffic packages called GOLD, PLATINUM, TITANIUM and finally DIAMOND. The HUGE Commissions you make from the personal sale of these packages looks like this: GOLD pays you $250 for your first 6 sales which then jumps to $400, PLATINUM pays you $500 for your first 6 sales and $800 on any subsequent referrals, TITANIUM pays you $1,000 for your first 6 sales which skyrockets to $1,600 for each referral after that, ?And then there are DIAMOND sales which pay you a shocking $2,000 on your first 6 sales and $3,200 on each sale after that! Think about that? when you?re qualified at the DIAMOND level? you can be pulling down $3,200 commissions per referral!

Now that?s what we call BIG PAYDAYS?

But keep in mind, although the income potential here is extremely powerful? IT DOESN’T STOP THERE! No, the amazing part is? again, you have the income compounding power of LEVERAGE working for you even with your BIG-TICKET traffic sales! You see, when those you have referred personally to Traffic Authority start letting others in on the traffic packages, you get paid from their efforts as well. Let?s quickly break that down. When someone you refer has someone else purchase a BASIC traffic package you get $50 from their first 6 sales and $20 on each sale after that. On a BRONZE sale from your team you get $100 on their first 6 sales and $40 on each subsequent sale. From SILVER traffic package team sales you get $150 on the first 6 and then $60 on referral 7 on. Then on GOLD team sales you get $250 on the first 6 sales then $100 for each sale thereafter. PLATINUM pays you $500 on each of your first 6 team sales and $200 for every sale after. TITANIUM pays you $1000 for each of your first 6 team sales and $400 for every sale thereafter. Then for DIAMOND team sales you get paid $2,000 for your first 6 team sales and $800 for each sale after that. How exciting is that? With this powerful compensation model, you can experience commissions rolling into you from an army of other team members working along-side you.

Now keep in mind, although traffic purchases are not monthly residual payments, the great thing about selling traffic is that as soon as someone uses it up, they may want to buy more to keep their business flourishing. This means that each traffic buyer can purchase over and over again putting BIG Commissions in your pocket like clockwork both from your personal and team referrals!

Keep in mind, you can also earn from the straight sale of traffic package even to those who do not wish to utilize the Traffic Optimizer or the Traffic Academy products. This adds yet another powerful revenue stream to your already amazing compensation plan.

NOTICE:You can only profit from the sale of products and traffic package levels you are ?Qualified? at. This is why we strongly suggest that you secure your traffic package ASAP! Also, keep in mind that Traffic Authority offers you a very special STAIR-STEP BONUS that will qualify you at the next traffic level up when you make your traffic purchase within the first seven days of joining. You will see a BONUS TIMER counting down in your Push Button Profits back office. To secure your traffic package now and get qualified to earn these big-ticket commissions on all of your referrals, push the?Green But To Start Your Traffic To Your Funnels And Capture Pages From Traffic Academy.
Any prospects who are tagged to you and appear inside of your Push Button Profits back office under the “My Prospects” tab can simply be sent to:?www.ViewTheVideoNow.com

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