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Date Listed : August-23-2019

Company Name : Myerumm

Website Url : www.myerumm.com

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Category : Beauty & Fashion, Business & Finance, Jobs,


Direct selling industry is an amazing opportunity to build people. Once you build it, they will build your business. If anybody wants to achieve your dreams apply here.

Erumm has opened a new vista in the direction of educational and economic empowerment by making them responsible future citizens with a greater sense of responsibility, preparing them to face the formidable national and international challenges and harnessing their potential for achieving the greater goal of economic self-reliance in a sustainable manner. Erumm is completely dedicated to transform the mind-set of the masses in general, and youth in particular by infusing sense of economic independence and self-reliance. Bestowed with a noble mission of bringing social and economic reforms, we are committed to create awareness among the masses and driving them towards productivity through Innovation and entrepreneurship.

Beauty Care
Looking smart helps you’re feeling good – and the other way around. Healthy beauty is all concerning good, scientifically sound ways that to worry for and enhance your skin, hair and body.

Exposure to global trends and increasing demand for natural ingredients has led to the formulation of a wide array of products. We, at Erumm, have made available various natural products for you to choose from.

We present to you an amalgamation of Indian tradition and modern beliefs in the form of these products which are enriched with sources that our vast and rich mother nature has to offer. A varied range of products ensures that there is a product for everyone out there.

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