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Date Listed : February-18-2020

Company Name : Diamond Songtai Life

Website Url : www.songtailifeza.com

Blog Url :

Social Media :

Apps :

Category : Beauty & Fashion, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness,


The *company* is called *Diamond Songtai life*, founded in 1979 and specialize in pharmaceutical supplements . Diamond Songtailife is one of the worlds largest Manufacturing Companies in Raw material ??. They offer quality, affordable and highly effective health and beauty products?? with good feedback and testimonies from products users all around the world.

The MLM side of the business started in June 2019. The South African offices are located at *Rivonia*

*Songtai life* is a very fertile business that is empowering pioneers and members to take it to different parts of the world and grow it.

Songtailife pays instantly, daily, weekly and monthly??
*Commissions* paid every Wednesday????????.

*Kindly note* all commissions and incentives are paid from your weak leg. You also rank from your small leg.

*Packages & Entry levels* With PV’s allocation.

1. *Iron* R1200 (50PV)

2. *Bronze* R2070 (85PV)

3. *Silver* R3540 (150PV)

4. *Gold* R5675 (240PV)

5. *Platinum* R17255 (720PV)

6. *VIP* R39770 (1680PV).

1. Leveling Bonus 50% of lower package on first and second level (Daily paid)

2. Sponsoring Bonus 10% from downlines weekly earnings (Daily paid)

3. Return on investment Bonus. Each person that joins your team, the Company calculates certain percentage that will make up your
total investments( Daily Paid)

4. Performance Bonus 5 to 12% depending on your activation package (Weekly Paid)

5. Leadership Bonus from 1st generation 10%, 5%, 1.5% to your 12th generation (Instantly Paid) *From silver package and above*

6. Maintenance Bonus
Monthly Maintenance of 30PV (R14.5 per PV) will earn you 4.5% of the maintenance

*7.Cash reward Bonus and Ranks*

Our ranks are from *Diamond 1 to 5*

then *Star Director 1 to 5*

*(Diamond 3)*
Achieve 80 000pv on your smaller leg within 18 months and qualify for a car incentive worth *R180 000*

*Diamond 4*
Achieve Diamond 4 (225,000PV) within 18 months and get an additional R100,000 cash reward on your car incentive.

*Diamond 5*
Achieve Diamond 5 within 18months upon
registering as a Diamond Songtai
distributor and on top of that achieve (950,000PV) within 36 months, you are eligible to get R500,000 cash

*Should you fail to achieve Diamond 4 rank within 18 months but you manage to achieve (950,000PV) must be a diamond 5 within 36 months. You are eligible to get
R580,000 cash reward.*

*8. Incentive Bonuses*
See below slide for more information.

*Please see PowerPoint presentations for more information on more incentives and products.*

*Dreams 2020* – take action today to change tomorrow.

*To join:* Get link from the person who sent you this information with Diamond Songtailife’s banking details.

*Form application*

*Contact Number*

*Name and Surname*

*Confirm password*
*Payment Password*
*Confirm Password*

*Sponsor Name*
*Sponsor Number*

*Placement Name*
*Placement Number*

*Choose member Level*

*Stock receiver Name*
*Contact number*

Choose a package to join with. Pay using your name and Surname as reference then upload Proof of payment upon registration of your account at the back office. Then your account will be activated.

Products may be collected at our Rivonia offices or you can make arrangements for courier


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