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Date Listed : December-20-2019

Company Name : ICIE solutions

Website Url : www.icie.biz

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Many companies promise many things. Many of those companies fail to deliver on those promises. For us, we take pride in our proven ability to deliver on time, on budget and on spec. Over the years International Construction & Interior Engineers has built a solid reputation for quality commercial, Industrial and Residential construction services. We serve Chennai clients and investors with a full range of services.

International Construction & Interior Engineers as a contractor known for its quality craftsmanship and dedication on every single commercial, Industrial and Residential project. We serve a wide variety of clients in Chennai. ICIE understands the clear differences in what makes projects successful and how to source the most skilled team for individual tasks.

Our Values Quality
Quality is king at International Construction & Interior Engineers. We aim to make sure that the expectations of the client, engineer and all stakeholders are fully complied with and that projects are delivered with a high standard of workmanship in a timely manner.

We always use products and materials that meet or exceed the requirements of the contract documents and ensure our staff are adequately traine .

We take pride at our work and quality.

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