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Date Listed : April-15-2019

Company Name : ATC LLC

Website Url : www.atcllcua.com

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IN MORE THAN 30 COUNTRIES PEOPLE RELY ON PRODUCTS OF ( ATC LLC ) The quality of our products is confirmed by international certificates of quality and supportive by normative documents.

Wood pellets in 15 kg bags
High-calorific ? 5,3 kWh per kilogram of pellets.
Efficenty ? 1 tonne of pellets replaces 470 L of fuel oil, 572 m3 of natural gas, 429 L of LPG gas and 0,79 t of high-calorific coal.
Ash ? A small amount of ash remaining after burning pellets (0,3 to 0,5 %).
Ecological ? ash formed after burning pellets can be used as fertilizer on your lawn or garden.
Zero CO2 emissions ? the amount of CO2 that is produced during the combustion of pellets is equal to the amount of CO2 that charge a growing plants during photosynthesis. It contains no harmful substances.
Clean to use ? does not stain rooms like other solid fuels such as coal
Pellet ? 6 mm or 8 mm up to 40 mm
The moisture content ? max 10%
Ash content ? 0,3 ? 0,7%
Calorific value ? not less than 19 000 kJ/kg
Density ? ? 600 kg/m3
Package weight: 15.00 kg
Number of packages per pallet 1000?1200: 66 bags
Net weight per pallet: 990 kg

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