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Date Listed : January-7-2019

Company Name : Arts Unity

Website Url : www.artsunity.co.za

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Social Media : www.facebook.com/ARTSUNITY.co.za/

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Category : Art & Design, Beauty & Fashion,


Join us through this Rainbow of Arts and discover your pot of gold at the end of your journey.

In the year 2002 I met with an artist from Zimbabwe who introduced me to the art of wire and beads, after working with this artist and various other artists in the same industry, acquiring the knowledge and experience about the art craft, An idea of starting my own business came to me while I was in varsity studying Operations Management which inspired me to start making and selling my own products. I personally felt it was time for me to start my own business and that was the birth of Rainbow Arts which was officially registered in 2017 as Arts Unity. I started off by selling key holders at all the campuses and eventually i met up with a Venda selling just outside the school gates, after negotiating with him to supply him with sum of my products to sell, we developed a strong working relationship, and from there on I traveled around various art shops within the city to supply some of my products. After developing a strong relationship with various artists, I identified artists who were willing to collaborate with me on my venture and to share the dream of making this art to build a sustainable, growing business.
About us
Arts Unity was established in 2009 and we have managed to build an impressive range of wire and beads art craft. Focusing on design and attention to detail has helped us to produce one of the finest quality products in South African art craft. Our wire and beads art is hand-crafted by a team of talented artists, and some of the products can be customized to the customer’s request. E.g. (color, size, embedding their name or initials on the product).
Our goal is to build a business with an international recognition, based on empowering the artists and to continue to grow and develop South African hand-crafted art both locally and internationally by ensuring that the artists get their recognition.
Provide a platform and marketing that will allow all artists and crafters to display and sell their artwork globally and ultimately improve their life’s which will inspire them to produce more products that are unique and identifiable with the local and international market.

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