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Date Listed : May-25-2017

Company Name : Vote3D

Website Url : www.Vote3D.com

Blog Url :

Social Media : Several Social Media Platforms

Apps : iOS & Android

Category : Technology,


Vote3D.com is a website created with the purpose of promoting 3D Printer Technology on a larger scale. We have been active since August 2016. The company is an educational/promotional website that allows users to sign up for free and access our website features.

These features are
1) Uploading & Rating 3D Printed Images
2) Offering 3D Printer News & Blogs
3) Forum.

Vote3D does have a free app for download in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. As well, we are active on numerous social media channels(see photos). 
At the moment Vote3D gets between 700 to 800 visitors per month and this has grown over the last 9 moths, along with our social media channels.

We would like to sell ad space on our website and app, either through a clickable banner or possibly pop-ups.  Please contact us if interested in advertising on our website.

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